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Free Embroidery Design Viewer Software (Coats EDV )
What You Can Do With This Free Software?
Coats EDV Main Features
Database functions: search and read embroidery files; make changes & insertions and save them into <.ngs> format and export them into the major embroidery machine formats. The results can be e-mailed,customized printed or saved.
Viewing digitized designs: view the design; run through it stitch-by-stitch; simulate actual embroidery by seeing the design in 3-D against a variety of fabric and colored backgrounds.
Make changes or notes: make notes on the design, insert or delete machine functions such as stops and thread trims, edit stitches and resize designs.
Design and review thread colors: view and change the colors used by each needle; build custom colors and palettes as well as choose from the extensive range of Coats Embroidery Global Color References
Production and materials management: the design Information menu provides details of the amount of thread used in each design, calculate machine time needed for production, calculate the exact amount of thread needed to complete your production order
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