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Welcome to Online Software DEMO Free Webinars
You do not need to have any of our embroidery software in order to join our webinars. It's absolutely free with no obligations!
WDC Online DEMO webinars are available on request for your convenience. You can book online or contact us at 1877 946-4797 to schedule a personalized online Live Demo.
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In order to join our Webinar Session from your PC Desktop, you will need:
1) Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Server 2003
2) Cable modem, ISDN, DSL or better Internet connection
3) PC Speakers or A telephone Line that can access long distance call in US and Canada.

Introducing Wings'XP V5.0 New Generation Embroidery Software

Topics Covered:
   1. What is New Features of Wings'XP V5.0
   2.Wh l Wings'XP is the most productive Embroidery Software in the Market?
   3. What level software will fit our business best?
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