Wings'XP New Features
High Stitch Quality
High Performance
Unique Interface
Unique Interfaces
Quickly locating the target object within a big design or moving around the design in the digitizing area is sometimes time consuming. Along with the conventional window navigator bar and zooming tools, eXPerience provides five extra ways to handle design objects, such as show or hide object layers etc. With Wings' XP we save you time while providing you top quality digitizing tools.
Object Properties -- Transform
This handy object properties editing panel can be accessed with one click of the mouse, rolled up or displayed in semi-transparent mode for Windows 2000 or XP only), you can also accurately and numerically transform the selected objects of your design.
Color and Sewing Sequence Management

You can apply colors to objects with ready made tables of thread manufactures or customize your own standard color panel for your machine.

With our unique sequence manager panel, you can inspect larger designs with ease, reorder the sewing sequence by using the drag & drop feature, branch separations by color or special functions, or add printable comments for some objects that need special attention...

Stock Design Management
Managing your designs the same way as you do to use windows explore, simply drag and drop designs into target folders, open multi-designs at a one time and output in machine format. With the powerful searching tool based in all design properties, you can find your lost design in no time from your local or network disks.
Object Editing
Besides the object editing panels, you can simply resize, rotate, slant your objects on screen while showing the exact changes on the pop-up display box.
eXPerience allows you to fully customize you printout, you can print with all the important information of the designs, in regular or 3-D picture modes, or with fabric background or sewing sequence. You can also print out your stock designs in Catalogue format.



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