Wings'XP New Features
High Stitch Quality
High Performance
Unique Interface
High Performance
Auto Branching
Focus on design object digitizing, let the software decide the best way of sewing. Auto-branching features were introduced in Wings software since 1993.
Join--Break Apart
By breaking apart and joining the design objects, you can easily edit the branching objects, and remove or add sections within a branching...
Wings' XP now delivers the next generation of branching ! It's is now possible to merge tacking and underlay stitches in Satin and Running, which eliminates lots of unnecessary stitches. It's even possible to generate cover stitches of multi Satin/Running sections simultaneously!
Special Stitches
With the Wings' XP powerful digitizing tools and special effects, there is no limit with regards to your digitizing, except imagination, surprisingly, digitizing a complicated logo becomes easy and enjoyable without taking a lot of time.
With Wings' XP, you can save your favorite designs or objects and their unique settings in your cliparts library and bring them into any design when you need them.
Cleanup Expert (Pro Level)
Use Cleanup Expert in Wings' XP, you will no longer be frustrated in re-arranging all the start/end points or trims for each design objects when your customer requests a minor change in the design. Wings' XP will take care of all of these time consuming works for you.
Super Cross Stitch Generation
Wings' XP has introduced a new Cross Stitch type with superior quality control that even has auto-branching capabilities.
Complex Pattern Creator (Pro Level)
Using the Wings' XP software, creating your own pattern is no longer difficult or time consuming, because Wings will automatically monitor your bad stitches or reset the stitch length limit based on your pattern size, you can pre-view your pattern in 3-D any time during your creation. Wings' XP also requires no special expertise.
Style Creator (Pro Level)
Although Wings' XP comes with 100 stock styles, you can actually create your own favorite style in no time. Any style you create can be saved as a template to be applied to all applicable stitch types.



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