Wings'XP New Features
High Stitch Quality
High Performance
Unique Interface
High Stitch Quality
Text Input - Lettering
Besides the top quality pre-digitized fonts that come with this software, Wings' XP automatically converts Windows TrueType fonts into satin, running, fill (Step), zigzag, satin serial, and piping stitches. It supports multiple languages and allows you to use IME (Input Methods Editor for East Asian languages.
Stitch Setting Control- Object Properties
Through the handy object property floating panel, you have full control of stitch settings to create high quality designs from underlay, line overlapping, corner compensation, variable pitch etc.

Select one of the four MsAgent™'s to guide you through the digitizing for better quality and to remind you of where a mistake is that you may have unintentionally made while digitizing or editing.


Design & Production Information
Wings' XP provides you with a wide array wide of accurate information for your designs, such as stitches, colors, yarn length per color, machine time, sewing sequence, stitch histogram etc.
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