Wings'XP New Features
High Stitch Quality
High Performance
Unique Interface
Wings' XP® -Professional Commercial Embroidery Solution


eXPerience® (Wings' XP®) is a professional embroidery software that provides click -to-stitch automation on any vector-based graphic logos with superior stitch quality, it also allows user to edit vector logos from CorelDRAW® and update the modified graphic automatically in Wings' XP Using Microsoft OLE-2 technology.

Wings' XP® is designed for Professional Digitizing Houses and Embroidery Companies that demand top quality and high productivity in their businesses. It offers four main levels:

“Pilot - Advanced Lettering”  is an ideal option for new entries who are seeking to start Lettering , Basic Editing and Basic Digitizing Service.

“Operator - Advanced Digitizing”  is an ideal option for new entries who are seeking to start digitizing service on the commercial level.

“Puncher - Premium Digitizing” is an excellent choice for those experienced users who are seeking to upgrades from older or lower level embroidery software so as to gain digitizing productivity and artistic Digitizing capabilities.

“Pro - Professional Digitizing” is a complete package for those professional digitizers seeking ultimate efficiency and creativity in their digitizing services.




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