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Wings' XP Operator -- Advanced Digitizing ___WDC Price: US$1,995.00

Wings' XP Operator provides a comprehensive combination of lettering, editing and digitizing tools that allow user to edit existing designs or create high quality new designs with 9 deferent types of stitches quickly and easily. Powerful features including:

User-friendly interfaces, self-obvious tools make it possible to minimize your learning curve towards professional digitizing.
Create high quality lettering form pre-digitized Fonts and True Type Fonts,
Create and digitize embroidery logos form Scanned-in images and vector artwork.
Integrated with CorelDRAW to auto trace and generate stitch objects from vector artwork automatically using Microsoft OLE-2 technology.
Powerful auto-branching system that greatly increase digitizing and editing speed.
And much more...

This level is ideal for embroidery factories having multi-head machines and digitizers who need productivity in embroidery designs creation with decent custom parameter controls. It is the fundamental step into professional digitizing.

Key Features in this software level:
Advanced Branching System
The advanced branching takes care of your digitizing process in terms of automatic path between objects, sequencing, closest connections, trims, underlays, fix and lock stitches by a click of your mouse. You no longer have to deal with them manually for each object when you do editing, or manually digitize a complicated logo. Being able to apply branching in your design will tremendously reduce your digitizing time as well as your machine running time for the same logo. Wings is proud of being the first in the industry to introduce the branching technology into digitizing software. And we are continuously improving our technology to maintain the most efficient and intelligent branching system on the market.
Before Branching
After Branching
Advanced Sequencing
With advanced sequencing tool, you can rearrange the object sewing sequencing by simply pick, drag and drop, or reverse muti-objects by one click, especially helpful when digitizing Cap logos.
3D Mode Editing
The New Version V5.0 allows you to do outline or stitch editing in vivid 3D mode.


Using Microsoft OLE2 Technology to connect with CorelDRAW
With Microsoft OLE2, you can copy any vector logo into Wings'XP Design Window and use click-to-stitch tool to automatically create fill, running and satin serial border etc.
Advanced Stitch Editor
With advanced stitch edit tool, you can control the stitch adjustment amount individually after you resize a stitch deign such as dst, exp files.

Advanced Fill Stitch Editor
With advanced Fill stitch edit tool, you can even change a pattern on the stitch design or change fill stitch into satin stitch when resize down an existing stitch logo such as dst, exp files.
With Wings' XP Operator level, you can
Use OLE-2 technology to incorporate CorelDraw tools in digitizing
Backdrops / Twain Interface (Scanner)
Import graphic files in gif, tif, bmp, pcx, eps, ai, dxf, plt, jpeg,cmx, emf,psd .
Straighten bitmap
Snapping On/Off 
Manual stitch
Running stitch
Satin stitch
Fill stitch
Zigzag stitch
Piping stitch
Cross stitch
Outline node editor
Create personalized effects
 Insert shape (Circle, box, ellipse, polygon, etc.)
Automatic underlays
Stitch parameter controls
Short/long stitches
Advanced hot keys
Move Outline
Erase outlines    
Type comments for Objects               
Select/Hide by objects
Select/Hide by color
Select/Hide by special functions
Add new object to end
Turn roll-ups on/off with space bar
Show object sequence
Movable Guidelines
Load, Save Color palette Background Color
Group /Ungroup objects
Send as Email
Apply functions to multiple objects at once with one command         
Re-order objects on Sequence manger    
Split Stitches or objects        
Array (powerful for patch/piece work)
Change Density of stitch design
Change Satin Width of stitch design
Move ,rotate, scale designs from Transform palette
Merge object/Design
Join & break apart objects
Full control of design movement with ImageMap and thumb wheel
Font creator and editor            


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