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Wings' XP Puncher --Premium Digitizing ____WDC Price: US$3,995.00

Wings' XP Puncher incorporates all features in Operator Level and enhances them with most top of the lines features you would need in speedy digitizing through powerful automation, features including:

Auto smooth uneven stitches.
Random stitch control.
Advanced stitch parameter controls.
Advanced nodes Editing.
Stitch type conversions.
Fill Pattern Editor.
And much more...

The level is ideal for organizations that have digitizing as their primary focus. A perfect solution for high speed and top-quality digitizing service targeting your local embroidery market.

Key Features in this software level:
Interactive Duplication
With the Interactive Duplicate tool, you can create objects with similar nature but different size, angle and position at one time. There is no need to be concerned about all the settings and order in the beginning. Another powerful time saving tool especially when combined with the branching system.
Automatic Border Offset
With DRAWings 4 Combo level, you will have the ability to assign any type of borders to any individual object in modular window and then offset the outline inward or outward as you need by simply rolling your mouse wheel. Using this time-saving tool, you will be able to create and finish your Applique design in minutes or gain precise border control on sophisticated designs using the stitch type conversion tool.


Color Blending\Random\Curved Stitch Effects
With the Color Blending tool, you can create different natural stitch effects for some unique logos by combining the random tool and curve stitch tool with a few clicks of your mouse.

With Wings' XP Puncher level, you can
Random stitches
Running Repeat Offset    
Satin Serial offset control   
Convert between stitch types     
Add Sections
Auto Border
Special Effects
Auto Pilot while digitizing
Knife for split objects
Reverse Sewing Direction
2-point speedy copy
Fill Pattern Editor     
Auto Density Adjust for stitch design resize    
Smooth stitch file outlines
Convert stitch design to outline designs
Convert Fill to Satin for stitch designs
Multi Design Output & Catalogue
Variable pitch control
Closest point control
Spitz Stitch Control
Satin Fill /Ceeding
Print Catalog
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