Wings'XP New Features
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System Requirement
font upgrade
Wings' XP Pilot-- Enhanced Lettering with Basic Editing & Digitizing
WDC Price: U$995.00
Wings' XP Pilot is a Powerful Lettering Conversion from almost any TrueType Fonts into Satin, Running, Fill & Piping Stitches! In this level, you can find all the parameters and the possible ways to create and place a text with your existing designs. It is ideal for any customer who need only lettering digitizing.
It also includes the capabilities of basic outline and stitch editing, as well as basic digitizing.


Advanced Lettering System
Advanced Lettering from true-type fonts and pre-digitized fonts offers full control of stitch shape, angle, kerning, closest connection and unique corner settings for small size text..
Advanced Text Options Ensure Precise Lettering Placement around the main logo.
3-D On Screen Editing
On Screen Stitch and Outline Editing in 3D mode.

Automatic Thread Color Match to most thread brands
Change Object Sequencing
Text Reshaping with envelope control
Name Drop for Team Names
With Wings' XP Pilot level, you can
Create Customized Lettering Logos or symbols
Edit Stitch and Outline Logos  
Create Basic Embroidery Designs  
Compensation for satin, step  
Half pitch compensation  
Add new text string to existing design  
Create new design (only text string)    
Lettering in line, arc, circle with rubber band           
Envelope, Lettering in predefined shapes   
Unlimited text string distortion  
Add path      
Name drop   
Left, right, center and stretch justification      
Multi-line, multi-color text           
Tread trim between letters     
Break Apart Text string       
Join Sections (to branches)     
Duplicate text string       
Resize, Rotate, distort letters of text string  
Lettering with automatic, adjustable kerning   
Change text setting (typeface, text)    
Reorder sequence of text string  
Sequence Manager display letters       
Outline node editor       
Lettering with intelligent closest point  
Breezier curves  
Punching tools options (to create text string)        
Change step angle of text  
Show stitch and block Shadows  
Change density, stitch length       
Movable entry, exit point of text string  
Choose/change from full range of underlays             
Full automatic corners (corner on/off)      
Short/Long stitches   
Shrink/Grow, stretch, rotate, slant, text using handles  
Zooming tools  
Automatic density adjustment during size changes  
Print with technical information  
Print in catalogue presentation  
Print preview  
Special Functions tool bar  
Change color, background color  
 Load, save color palette  
Temporarily hide rollups  
On-line help, Advanced hot keys  
Floating, dockable tool bars  
Ruler, Measure  
Place guideline by drag and drop  
Adjustable Grid, Crosshair  
Undo, Redo, Cut Copy Paste Unselect, Select All,  
Invert selection  
Change Start/End of design  
Show stitches  
Show embroidery sequence  
Move, delete, insert stitch  
Clipart tool to insert designs  


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